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How Does the Commodity Market Work?

Commodity Market Work

The commodity market, functioning as a platform for buyers and sellers to trade commodity contracts, is a vital component of financial markets. Often referred to as a futures market, it primarily deals with futures contracts, which are derivatives.

Spot Market

The spot market is where immediate delivery of the commodity is negotiated. In India, the spot market facilitates delivery in cash, through counter-purchase, or payment against documents. Transactions in the spot market involve no future price determination or speculation. The exchange occurs promptly, with the transfer of the commodity's title or in cash.

Forward Markets

Forward markets enable transactions at future dates, allowing participants to buy or sell commodities when prices might be higher or lower than current market rates. In contrast, futures markets involve trading with delivery and payment occurring on a specified future date at a price agreed upon in the present.

Options Contracts

Options contracts provide the buyer with the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell an underlying asset at an agreed-upon price within a specified period or on a specific date. Options are akin to futures contracts, but with a key distinction—the buyer has the right, not the obligation, to execute the purchase or sale of the underlying asset within a set timeframe.

Understanding these distinct market segments—spot, forward, and options trading—offers participants a comprehensive view of the various ways commodities are bought, sold, and speculated upon in the commodity market.

How Commodity Trading Works in India?

The three main segments of Trading of commodity in Share Market are the stock exchanges, stock brokers on behalf of the parties and the forward contracts.

Stock Exchanges

Stock exchanges serve as pivotal platforms connecting buyers and sellers of commodities. These exchanges maintain comprehensive lists of commodities, adjusting them based on demand and supply trends. Trading can occur through the exchange, broker offices, or online platforms, providing flexibility for investors.

Broker Involvement

Brokers play a crucial role as active participants in the Indian commodity market. They facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, assuming the risk of capital under contractual agreements with their clients. This intermediary role streamlines the trading process for market participants.

Forward Contracts and Hedging

Commodities are also traded through forward contracts, particularly between farmers and exporters/importers. These contracts serve as a risk management tool, allowing parties to hedge against potential price fluctuations. This aspect of the commodity market fosters stability for those involved in the production and trade of physical goods.


A fixed percentage of the cost of the commodity, known as the initial margin, will be paid to take a position or trade in the commodity futures market in stock futures. 


Upon purchasing a 100g Gold Futures contract valued at Rs. 2,80,000, with a minimal margin set by the Exchange at 4 to 5%, only Rs. 14,000 is required as payment. This fractional investment allows for the acquisition of a significant amount of gold in the futures market. For instance, buying the Gold Futures contract at Rs. 28,000 per 10g, and witnessing a subsequent increase to Rs. 28,500, results in a credit of Rs. 500 to the account. Conversely, if the price dips to Rs. 27,500, a debit of Rs. 500 occurs.

This dynamic profit or loss scenario is termed Mark to Market, wherein the margin account is adjusted daily to reflect the participant's gains or losses. The daily adjustments account for price variations, offering traders and clients real-time insights into their financial standing in the market.

Commodity Market Functions

Commodity markets serve several functions:

  1. Price Discovery: They establish fair market prices through the interaction of buyers and sellers, reflecting supply and demand dynamics.

  2. Risk Management: Participants use commodity markets to hedge against price volatility, reducing the impact of unexpected price movements on their businesses.

  3. Facilitating Trade: Commodity markets provide a platform for the buying and selling of physical goods, fostering economic activity and global trade.

Commodity Trading Risks

When engaging in derivative market trading, participants should be mindful of various risks that can significantly impact their positions. These risks fall into distinct categories:

Commodity Trading Risks

Credit Risk

This risk arises from the potential default by a counterparty. However, in derivative markets, where the exchange assumes responsibility for contract performance, the credit risk is typically low or almost negligible.

Market Risk

Market risk is inherent in the adverse movements of prices. Fluctuations in market prices can lead to financial losses for participants, emphasizing the importance of closely monitoring and managing exposure to market dynamics.

Liquidity Risk

In situations where the market lacks liquidity, unwinding transactions can become challenging. Participants may encounter difficulties in executing trades or face unfavorable prices during the process, emphasizing the significance of market liquidity.

Legal Risk

Legal risk stems from the regulatory framework, with potential objections leading to restrictions on certain activities. Participants should stay informed about legal guidelines and be aware of the implications of regulatory changes on their trading strategies.

Operational Risk

Operational difficulties, such as connectivity failures, power outages, or banking issues, pose a significant operational risk. These challenges can impede participants' ability to operate effectively in the market, necessitating robust contingency plans and risk mitigation measures.

Understanding and actively managing these risks is crucial for participants in the derivative market to navigate the complexities and uncertainties associated with trading in financial instruments.


MCX operates autonomously and falls under the regulatory oversight of SEBI. Situated in Mumbai, it stands as one of the three commodity exchanges, facilitating transactions within the MCX commodity market. Participation in this Exchange is enabled through the services of a broker.

To stay abreast of commodity prices, users can access real-time updates via the live functionality provided by MCX and commodity brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Risks in These Markets Compare to Stock and Bond Markets?

Commodity trading is relatively safe, supported by evidence of lower volatility compared to stocks. Regulatory authorities oversee markets to ensure fair pricing. Despite inherent risks, outcomes depend on individual decisions, urging traders to be cautious, especially during market volatility, and consider using stop-loss measures.

How To Start Trading in Commodity Futures?

To begin commodity futures trading, Open Enrich Money’s Commodity Trading Account and fill KYC application, providing PAN number, bank details, a cheque, and address proof. The broker receives margin for trading, and for NSDL or CDSL deliveries, a separate commodity Demat account is essential.

What is Initial Margin in Commodities Trading?

Initial margin in commodities trading is the upfront collateral required by the broker to open a position. It acts as a security deposit, ensuring traders can cover potential losses, and is a percentage of the total contract value.

What is Mark to Market in Commodities Trading?

Mark-to-Market in commodities trading is the daily adjustment of contract values to reflect current market prices. It ensures that traders' accounts accurately reflect gains or losses in real-time, promoting transparency and risk management. This process helps maintain fairness and prevents undue financial exposure.

Where to obtain Live Updates of Commodity Prices?

Live updates of commodity prices can be obtained through Enrich Money’s live price levels.

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