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Who are we?

Enrich Money is venturing in to the stock broking industry with a vision. In a country where people have understood the importance of financial inclusion & Investments, we are here to make investments & trading easier than ever for them. We are here to bridge the gap in the market space. Enrich Money with the aim of creating an inclusive platform for traders & investors is here with our inhouse products ORCA & ORCA Pro solving the same problem.

Our stock trading & analysing platforms make investments & trading in any financial instrument a hassle-free process. Enrich Money, with its current and future lineup of products is focussed on creating a one-stop solution for all financial needs.

Meet the Enrichers!

Here are some of the Brains of the Brand!
CEO of Enrich Money

Ponmudi Radhakrishnan

Founder & CEO

Director of Enrich Money

Subramaniam Chakarai


Director of Enrich Money

Niranjan Goyal

Director & CFO

Chief Operating Officer of Enrich Money

Hemnath Jayakumar

Chief Operations Officer

Research Analyst at Enrich Money

Abin Jose

Product Manager

Chief Analytics Officer of Enrich Money

Thangamuthu P

Chief Analytics Officer

Chief Sales Officer of Enrich Money

Deepthi M Nair

Chief Sales Officer

Senior Product Manager of Enrich Money

Dev Aravind S R

Senior Product Manager

Head of Operations at Enrich Money

Rajesh C

Head of Operations

Head of Compliance at Enrich Money

Anoop P R

Head of Compliance

Head of Design at Enrich Money

Indra Kumar D

Head of Design

Senior Research Analyst at Enrich Money

Ayushi Jain

Senior Associate - R & D

Quality Assurance Manager at Enrich Money

Alwin Raj

Quality Assurance Manager / Trainer

Glimpse Of Enrich

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