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Brokerage Charges in Detail

Account Opening Fees ₹ 0 Account Opening Charges.
Annual Maintenance Charges ₹ 0 AMC for First Year (Second year onwards Rs. 300+GST per Year)
Platform Charges ₹ 0 Platform Charges for Lifetime
Auto-Square Off Charges ₹ 0 / Order for Lifetime. For intraday orders, our team automatically Squares Off just before market closure.
Call & Trade ₹ 0/ order for Lifetime. For evey order placed through our trade desk.
DP(Depository Participants) Rs.15 + Rs.5.50 (CDSL) per debit in Demat account.
Payment Gateway ₹ 0 charges on UPI payments. ₹ 10.00 / transaction GST for net banking.
Pledge Charges ₹ 0.02% of the Value of transaction
Overdue Interest Charges 0.05% per day on the outstanding bill amount if not paid within the due date.
Delivery Instruction Slip FREE - First Delivery Instruction Book
Every Additional Booklet (10 Leaves) - ₹50 per booklet + courier charges applicable.

For transaction related charges, please refer your contract note for particular transaction.

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Disclaimer on Pricing & Charges

Please note that calculated brokerage charges will be within the maximum rate as specified by SEBI and the exchanges. All other statutory and regulatory charges are as per actuals.

In addition to the charges mentioned here, Enrich Money may offer additional products, offerings, and value-added services that may be charged separately; any such charges or fees will be invoiced to the clients. Brokerage is also charged on expired, exercised, and assigned options contracts.

The above tariff, fees, pricing, and charges are subject to change, any change will be intimated to clients 30 days in advance, and the same will also be updated on the app and website of Enrich Money. Clients are advised to check the same from time to time and stay updated.

All the above charges mentioned are for retail customers/clients only. Charges for NRIs, Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, and HUFs will differ from those mentioned. Any services requiring physical copies or offline delivery will be charged differently and separately from those listed above. Clients are requested to note that Enrich Money is a fully digital and technology solution and offering provider for its investment products. Any physical/offline requests for services may have additional charges and take additional time.

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