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Equity Trading

What is Equity and Equity Trading?

Equity is the value of shares issued by the company to raise money by sharing a part of ownership. Investing in equity is the oldest form of investment. Companies issue shares through public announcements in newspapers or other media.

Investors can be individuals or institutions or companies. Here the investor becomes a part of the company's ownership by paying the share value. The unit of ownership is measured by the number of shares owned by the investor. As a return the profit is shared as dividend.

Equity trading is the activity related to investing, buying, and selling equity to earn gains or profits. It involves all the techniques that attempt to increase the chances of income through equities.

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What are Equity Investments, and How to Invest?

Investing in the stock market by purchasing a company's shares is called Equity investment. There are two ways to invest. One is to buy stocks directly, and the other is mutual funds. A trading account and a Demat are essential to invest in equity.

Types of Stock Trading:

Stock trading can be of different types

Day Trade

Experienced traders try to profit by buying and selling stock on the same day. This technique is called day trading.

Micro Trade

This is a part of intra-day trading. It is a process of earning small profits from dozens to hundreds on the same day. There are chances of loss in a transaction. This is called scalping and differs from day trade because the holding period is less comparatively.

Swing Trade

The investor tries to maximize the profit potential by understanding the trends and patterns. The time period ranges from one to seven days

Momentum Trade

The investor judges the purchase and sale action by upwards or downwards momentum. If the prices are going up, there is a sales action and purchase otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Demat account or the dematerialised account is essential for stock trading. It is required to hold assets in the electronic form.

Equity trading can be easy with the help of a stock broking company. One has to have a trading and Demat account. The budget has to be defined. After adding money to the trading and Demat account trading can be started.

The mechanism in any stock market is in listing the prices or stocks. It pertains to a particular exchange and with the opportunity to buy or sell. The stocks are listed in the stock market. Buyers and sellers get together to facilitate buying or selling transaction.

Yes, trades are permitted by most of the trading platforms to be done on the mobile. Enrich has a product called the Mobile Hunt Tick. It is the best app in the market. It works on low connectivity of internet. Market data, notification and visualisation are facilitated.

It is 9:15 Am to 3:30 PM for NSE & BSE for the regular market.

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